[2015] Sierra Zinni: Many Stones

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[2015] Sierra Zinni: Many Stones


Many Stones

A family struggle occurs after a murder in the Morgan family. After a young girl travels to South Africa to volunteer at a school her family gets the news that she has been murdered. Her dad and younger sister plan a trip to attend her memorial in Africa. Many aspects of the African culture are discovered through the poor relationship of a father daughter duo.Can this trip mend their broken relationship or will it break into many stones.

Predictions What next? A time to reflect?Your chance to compare to what will happen next.Like a discovery to the world You have the chance, To predict an ending, Concluding that mess.

Heart Break


"I am not really suggesting a family reunion in South Africa." (Coman 32)

Young Laura died of murder, how did this young woman die? Was it accidental, planned or an attack? Read more of "Many Stones" to find out!

"For being "For being here, and part of evreything, thank you very much for letting us be part of everything with you." (Coman 158)

"This is your country, where you live, where you've lost people you love." (Coman 157)



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