Many Languages, One Classroom Plan

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Many Languages, One Classroom Plan

Outdoor Play/Juegos al Aire Libre- Language plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of children outdoors- Teachers, assistants, and volunteers can help ensure their safety by learning needed terms in the language of children and developing non-verbal communication techniques- Outdoor time will be fun and welcoming for all children - Language enhancement activities will be implemented outdoors- Parents/Guardians can attend a nature day where a picnic will be held in order to see their children's learning experiences and support learning at home

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Library or Reading Area/Biblioteca y Lectura- The selection of the proper books reinforces the value of students' home language, respects their culture, and has a positive impact on identity and self-esteem- Books in languages of students- Lively story reading - Welcoming area to read- Parents/Guardians will be asked to bring in books from their home countries

- Circle Time/Hora Del Circulo- Dramatic Play/Juego Dramatico- Outdoor Play/Juegos al Aire Libre- Library or Reading Area/Biblioteca y Lectura-Manipulatives/Manipulativos-Writing/Escritura-Science/Ciencia

Circle Time/Hora Del Circulo- Helps children feel wlecome and accepted from their first day of school and everyday thereafter through personal connections- Home languages are represented- Information packets on the school day's schedule will be provided for parents/guardians in home languages

Dramatic Play/Juego Dramatico- With the right materials, it can be the foundation for some of the most significant imaginative play and language seen in preschool-Provides great opportunities for students to learn and show what they are learning-Broadens and deepens learning-Parents/Guardians will be asked to teach lullabies in their home language that children can sing during play and will be accessed in the music center

Manipulatives/Manipulativos-Perfect area for activities and materials that are customized to provide differentiated learning experiences- Designed activiities to meet needs of each child- One-on-one or small group interactions with students-Enhanced communication through objects and speaking home language- Parents/Guardians will be asked to send in or demonstrate games from home countries

Writing/Escritura- A focus on developing writing skills in preschool- Writing activities shouldn't be forced, it can affect the learning goal- Writing areas should be culturally relevant allowing students to express their thoughts and feelings- Family members will be asked to provide students with their own handwritten writing models in order for students to connect their learning

Science/Ciencia- Rich in opportunities for concept learning and language practice that can support transitions between languages- Fostering growth of preschool science learning is done through teachable moments that build on the children's interests Large-group lessons can have a limited impact especially in a linguistically diverse classroom- Parents/Guardians will be provided with conversation starters to encourage conversations by asking your child what he/she learned about bears today


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