manufactured fibers

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manufactured fibers

Spandex is a stretchy material invented by DuPont in 1959. Spandex is reistant to washing, sweat, and heat and it always reverts back to its original shape. Spandex is used for things like undergarments, shorts, pants, and superhero costumes

Acetate is made from cellulose and acetic acid. Special dyes are used for acetate because it does not accept regular dye. Acetate looks like silk but is easier to work with. It doen't shrink and is resistant to moths and mildew. Acetate is used for things like blouses, dresses, lingerie, linings, shirts, slacks, and sportswear.

Nylon was introduced during World War 2 as a replacement for silk. It was used for thing like parachutes, flak vest, and tires. Nylon is the strongest, lightest man made substance. It is very resiliant and does not tear easily. Nylon responds well to heat and does not absorb much moisture. Dirt, oil, and various chemicals have a diffcult time sticking to Nylon. Nylon should not be ironed at high tempertures. It is used for things like windbreakers and raincoats.

Acrylic is a warm, wool-like fabric. It is sodt and dyes easily. Acrylic also holds it coloring for a while. Acrylic does not fade in the sun. It holds its shape and doesn't shrink or wrinkke. Acrylic does fuzz easily. It is a cheap alternative to cashmere but doesn't work as well as cashmere at keeping the wearer warm.It is used for things like sweaters and socks.

Polyester is a very strong, resiliant fabric. It is easy to wash and dries quicly. Polyester retains ironed folds and does not wrinkle. It is unaffected by most chemicals. Polyester is used to make ties, slacks, suits, and undergarments.

Manufactured Fibers


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