Manu National Park

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Manu National Park

With an area of 1.9098 million ha (hectares or square hectometer) is divided into three zones: the National Park, with 1,532,806 has ; Reserved Zone, with 257 000 ha, and Cultural Transition Zone or with 120 000 ha. It also has the documentation as a Biosphere Reserve .

Manu National Park

In the Manu Biosphere Reserve dela were recorded 222 species of mammals and 1005 birds.

More than 20,000 species. 40% of the park is Amazonian lowland tropical rainforest, including varzea, oxbow lakes, Mauritia palm swamps, and upland forest types.

National bird the cock of the rock

The park protects several ecological zones ranging from a minimum of 150 meters above sea level in parts of southwest Amazonian rain forests to Peruvian Yungas at middle elevations Central Andean wet puna at a height of 4,200 meters.


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