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J.S-Langston Hughes: Feb.1st 1902. Raised in education. Settled in Harlem. Contributed to the Harlem Rennasaince. Wrote racial and philosophical literature, poems, stories, novels, plays, musicals, autobiographies, etc. Inspired other Blacks and contributed to the literature of today. May 26, 1967-DeathK.S-Robert Frost: Wrote poems, which are inspirational and are read and analyzed today.M.R-CharlesS.&PabloP.: Affected today's modern art. Cubism. C.S did machine art. Picasso focused on "modern art".J.I-Gangst3rs: Gangs took over cities after the war. Their favorite weapon was the Tommy Gun, and the Brass Knuckles were their pocket weapon. Utilized getaway vehicles for bank heists.S.Z-Rockets&L.detect: Rocker-invented by Robert Goddard, which flew 184 on its maiden flight. Used in WWI in battle, with explosives. L.D invented b John Larson in CA 1921. Both are still used today, with technological advances.Kyle-LouisArm.: Grew up in Louisianna in the "ghetto". Started playing the cornet and rose to fame as a jazz musician. Had a unique style of jazz which was picked up by other musicians. "Saints" and "What a Wonderful World" are his 2 biggest compositions.F.F-Dance: Dance was used to divert attention from the war. Entertainment. Revolutionized dance and carried over to today's dance craze. Fast paced for the young.Liz-Traffic/LieDetect.:Lie detectors were far simpler in the 20's, because of the small technological advances. Traffic lights were more complex, with rotating spindals and air-compressed arms.H.O-Ford: Created first affordable personal vehicle. Utilized the assembly line to create cars faster. A car could be assempled in 93 minutes. Model-T was his first car. Over half of the cars on the road were Fords in 1918. Boosted other industries. Rubber, Glass, Metal, Food, oil. Born in 1863.C.T-Fashion: Used to divert attention from the war. Created revoloution of the 20's. Dressed to the knee for dance-ease.A.O-B.Smith: Blues singer. Died from a car accident. Fell due to alcoholism. Music is full of soul and influenced other blues singers.O.G-H.Hoover: August 10, 1875. Quaker. Republican and president in 1928. Lost to F.R in 1932. President during the Great Depressed. Government learned how to handle economic issues after his time in office.D.H-S.Joplin: Music was an influence of today. His music is still played today. Opened many schools for pianists and musicians.C.M-B.Ruth: World-record-breaking baseball player. "Homerun King"C.M-Pro.: Anti-alcohol age of America. Huge political failure of the 20's.L.S-E.Fitz: Famous jazz singer. Began young with "Atistik-Atastik". Worked with Louis Armstrong. First Lady of Music. Music is still played, and is learned from.J.D-KKK: "Terrorist" group of the South+. Still lives today all around the world. Discriminatory of negros and other non-whites.S.S-FBI: Created in 1908 by Charles Bonaparte. Originally started to fight counterfeiting. Targets were Al-Capone and the KKK. Creates a safer America for us. Fights terrorism, drug crime, etc. Domestic.C.W-Duke: Gifted pianist of the 20's. 2,000 compositions. Real name was Edward. Began career in 1917. Impacted music industry with his new style of jazz, which is still played today.


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