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Alphonse "Al" Capone

Born January 17, 1899Died January 25, 1947Italian-born Brooklyn resident, moved to Chicago to join the gang of Johnny Torrio. Died from a stroke on Palm Island.

Created bootlegged (illegal copy) beer. Distilling was illegal in the prohibition era. He profited by brewing and selling the beer from his underground bars. Despite his major violations of prohibition, he was not arrested by the police due to insufficient evidence.

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Chicago Newsreel

Al Capone was found guilty of tax evasion in 1931 in a Chicago courtroom. He was formally convicted and sentenced to 11 years in prision. This was the only charge that the police had enough evidence to put Capone in prision for. He was making exorbitant amounts of money while not paying his income taxes.

His vast criminal empire eventually spread to prohibition. Capone saw that illegally brewing beer for his bars would be highly profitable. He started distilleries and "bootlegged" alcoholic drinks. Capone was never truly convicted for this because of insufficient evidence against him. He thrived as the police tried to find him guilty of his crimes.

Al Capone ran Chicago with an iron fist. Nobody, not even the police, could stop his evergrowing crime syndicate from thriving. He opened illegal bars, casinos, brothels, and other establishments. He was making an estimated $100,000,000 a year in his various businesses. This made him one of the wealthiest mob bosses of the prohibition era.

Al Capone's cell

A jury convics Capone on 5 cases of tax fraud. This is the only charge that they could decide upon because of the substantial amount of evidence.

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