Mansa Musa´s Hajj

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Mansa Musa´s Hajj

African History

Stories passed down by griots say that as many as 60,000 people accompanied Mansa Musa on his Hajj.

1324 Mansa Musa's Caravan Left Niani, the capital of Mali

While in Mecca, Mansa Musa convinced some of Islam's finest architects, teachers, and writers to accompany him to back to Mali.

Mansa Musa built mosques and set up libraries at Timbuktu

Mansa Musa's Hajj

Total miles = 4,000 each way

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Number of slaves on Hajj = 12,000Distance a camel can travel without water - 100 milesTotal amount of gold = 24,000 poundsNumber of camels = 1,000

Mansa Musa's Hajj brought a lot of attention to his kingdom. Mansa Musa spent so much gold in Cairo, Egypt that the value of gold plummeted and did not recover for more than twelve years.


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