[2016] Person Bot (Peterson Applied Geog.): Manitoba Cont.

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[2016] Person Bot (Peterson Applied Geog.): Manitoba Cont.


Facts: Art & Culture And Festival

Manitoba Cont.


The main natural resources found in your province are agriculture ,forestry Manufacturing, and mining. Agriculture ,is where Manitoba is been the most successful, and Important sources because of the income and the employments. There most high crop production value is wheat. Forestry, is where workers cut down trees and provide wood to Manufacturing. Manufacturing, is where they create it to a raw materials. Manufacturing first biggest and most successful businesses in Manitoba began about 1900 to give the growing population in Western Canada. The people that works at the Mining industry remove minerals out of the ground.

Manitoba have many campgrounds, parks, lakes, and rivers. Manitoba provide many fun outdoor activities. Many of the tourists comes to Manitoba to enjoys bird watching, fishing, canoeing white-water rafting, and hiking. Other tourists comes to see the province's many historic sites.Manitoba has two national park:~ Riding Mountain National Park ~ Wapusk National Park Riding Mountain National Park located to the west of Manitoba. Riding Mountain National Park has three different life zones.Next to Riding Mountain National Park is eastern parkland foresrt. Than, there is a large amount of prairie grasslands. Wapusk National Park is located northeastern.There is a properly name for Wapusk it means "White Bear" in Cree. Tourism, travel in " tundra buggies" to see polar bear that live in the park. Also, have for other animals such, red fox, arctic fox, lynx, and wolverine.

The Art and Culture in Manitoba talk about people who builds and shaped Manitoba. Also, talk about the Aboriginal peoples , fur traders, European settlers, and other make up the province's multicultural populations. Museums, building, and other many historical sites talks about people and events of Manitoba's past.

Manitoba Sunflower Festival Manitoba Sunflower Festival is located in Altona and it ever July. Another word for Sunflower Festival is called Sunflower capital of Canada. The world painting is also, take place in Altona. In the very heart of Altona is a copy of a famous painter called Van Gogh's and the famous pain is the "Sunflower" painting. The painting place on an easel and the high is 23 m high!


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