Manipulatives in the Classroom

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Manipulatives in the Classroom

"Bridge the gap between informal math and formal math" - Boggen*Move from concrete back to abstract"Visual and tactile appeal... hands-on experiences" -Back*Multiple ways to represent math - good for every type of learner

Math Manipulatives:Objects or materials that students can touch and move around in order to learn mathematical concepts.Concrete:Physical objects such as:pattern blocks, counters, geometric solids, beans or beads, base-ten blocks, spinners, and more.Virtual:Interactive, web-based, computer-generated imaages of objects that children can manipulate on a computer screen



*Just for play - especially in large class*Children don't fully understand purpose*Need to be used correctly*Expensive*Distractions


MORE PROS* Don't have to be expensive*Double in purpose -sorting & fine/gross motor-patterns & lacers-puzzles & sequencing & spacial*More interesting and FUN!

Introduce manipulatives at a young ageUse them correctly - teach proper use Make everything engaging and work will become a gameUse consistently throughout lessonsContinue to use manipulatives throughout all school grades


Manipulatives in the Classroom


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