Manila City

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Manila City

Price: In Manila City, the currency is the Philippine Peso. The peso is equal to 0.03 of the Australian dollar which helps everything in Manila to be of affordable prices. For the average eat-in meal in the business district of Manila, it costs 235 pesos which is equivalent to 7 dollars. In Metro Manila, the city's shopping district, cheap prices are offered for food, clothing and all supplies. Finding housing for a low price in Manila is very simple as all homes are cheap compared to the ones you might find in places like Australia. If you are looking for to live in a city area with cheap prices for everything and anything you want, Manila is the place for you!

Manila City

Climate: The tropical climates in Manila are usually hot and sunny. The country goes through wet and dry seasons with the wet season going from June to November and the dry season from December to May. The country is known for its typically hot weather and on days like these, Manila Bay or the Baywalk is the ideal place to be. Manila has many lovely places to go so that the hot days are enjoyable and if you enjoy a hot climate, Manila is the perfect place for you to live!

What are the main advantages of living in Manila?- price- accessibility- climate- sightseeing/attractions

Attractions:Manila has many different places to go to keep you entertained and they are sights that you must see. Some of the main attractions in Manila include:- Rizal Park- The Manila ocean park and zoo- Intramuros aka. The Walled City- Metro ManilaThese are only a small amount of the great sights Manila has to offer so you should move there and start exploring today!

Accessibility:In Manila, everything is quite easily accessible whether you want to get to somewhere in the city or just simply go home. The Manila light rail system is the fastest way around the city and other kinds of public transport like the bus system provide efficient service. There are many other neighbouring cities that Manila has easy access to and there are also many lovely beaches nearby. If you want to move to a place where you can get to any place you want, easily and quickly, Manila is the place for you!



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