Manifestation Determination, BIP, FBA

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Manifestation Determination, BIP, FBA

Manifestation DeterminationFunctional Behavioral AssesessmentBehavior Intervention Plans

Manifestation Determination*First introduced into IDEA in 1997*Simplified under IDEA 2004* The process to determine whether or not the child's behavior was a result of their disability. School holds a hearing if a change of placement is being proposed*Form must be filled out with in 10 days after the behavior occurred with child. *Child may be disciplined if after investigation there is no relationship between the childs action and their disability. .*Child's behavior may have the school propose to remove child from school system.*This is completed as part of an IEP meeting*Performed when there is a change of placement under IDEA's disciplinary procedures

Manifestation DeterminationCampbell County School District--------------------------------In our district the form has to be completed at a meeting with IEP members and a parent/guardian with in 10 days of any decision to change the placement of a student because of a violation of a student conduct.The Prior Written Notice Form must be completed and given to the parents, as well as the Procedural Safeguards for a Manifestation Determination.The following information must be provided on the form:-Date of violoation of code of conduct-Description of the violation-Summary of relevant information student file:*Teacher observations * Review of Current IEP *Information from Parents

Behavioral Intervention Plan*Designed for each child to help change their behavior*The observations from the functional behavioral assessment are used to determine a plan for managing a child's behavior that is in appropriate.*It may include ways to change the environment that can make the behavior take place.*Positive reinforcements can be provided to the student to promote good behavior practices.*The plan provides supports so that the child will not act out when frustrated.*An IEP team develops a BIP for the child* Team puts together interventions and they are documented in the plan.*Support for child is also included in plan*The plan needs to be evaluated and changes made as needed.

Functional Behavior Assessment- Anytime a professional has a concern about the behavior of a child with a disability, they are required by IDEA to conduct a FBA.-The FBA looks beyond the behavior itself-FBA helps IEP team members select interventions for each child to address their problem behavior-Information is gathered and analyzed on a child of concern.-IEP members determine appropriate behaviors to be substituted in place of the inappropriate ones-FBA must be conducted if:* Behavorial concerns are present*Within 10 days of a punishable offense by suspension or removal to an Interim Alternative Educational Setting (a place where children who have broken the law or are aggressive can be sent for up to 40 days)

Forms my mentor shared with me that are used in our local school district

Schools must provide these 3 processes to students no matter how they feel about the circumstance or situation that is present. School districts must provide a Free and Appropriate Publicly Funded Education to students. If it is found that there is no relationship between the behavior that occurred and the students disability the child may be suspended or expelled. In either case services must still be provided to the student.

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