Manifest Destiny

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Social Studies
American History

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Manifest Destiny

September 1821

Mexico gained independence from Spain

Mexico invited Stephen Austin and Americans to Texas

Mexico issued a decree to stop US immirgation and limit trade

Santa Anna became dictator of Mexico

Texas becomes the 28th state

Manifest Destiny

Texas won independence from Mexico

California becomes the 31st state

Americas proclaimed California the Bear Flag Republic after the Bear Flag Revolt

President Polk offered to purchase California from Mexico

War with Mexico ends with capture of Santa Anna and the signing of the Guadalupe Hidalgo


May 1833


October 1836

December 1845

June 1846

May 1846

February 1848

September 1850

September 1850


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    Cute video. I love School House Rock!!! They came out when I was your age..... a long time ago :-)

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