Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny

Many people believed it was God's will that they expanded. Therefore, they thought that by destroying the Native American's land, they were carrying out their duty.

What is Manifest Destiny?Manifest Destiny is a term used to describe the belief that the United States was destined to grow during the 1800s.

Manifest Destiny"The Great Experiment of Liberty"

This term first came into use in 1845. John L. O'Sullivan used this term in his newspaper article.

To encourage people to move into Mexico, the Mexican government allowed all Americans to move in. They hated this idea, and rebelled until John Tyler brought them back. He did this because he needed votes. This led to the annexation of Texas, and the Mexican American war.

This is the figure "Columbia,"who represented Manifest Destiny.

After the U.S. government took their land to fulfill Manifest Destiny, they forced Native Americans on a hard journey to reservations. This journey was named the "Trail of Tears."

Through Manifest Destiny, the U.S. successfully expanded the country. Sadly, thousands of Native Americans were forced out of their homes and 4,000 were killed in the process of expansion.

The U.S. government was worried to conquer Texas because they were afraid Mexico would try to take it back and cause another war.

The Mexicans believed the United States didn't have a right to take their land. However, the Americans thought anyone could take it.

People who believed in Manifest Destiny thought that the U.S. should rule all of North America because of their political and economical power.

People's attitude toward U.S. expansion fueled western settlement, Native American removal, and war with Mexico.

Different people came up with different ideas to expand, and nearly every American thought it was necessary by 1823.

After the war between Mexico and America, the phrase was directly pointed at Cuba, Hawaii, and South America.

The philosophy behind Manifest Destiny had been consistent throughout American history, although it was never named until 1845.

While James K. Polk was running for president, he promised Manifest Destiny. Abraham Lincoln was completely against it.

Many southerners wanted to find more land suitable for cotton. When they expanded, they spread slavery, causing more problems later.

Manifest Destiny caused the United States and its population to double in size.

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Even though the U.S. had plenty of land, they demanded that Flordia was conquered.

Manifest Destiny was supposed to spread American democracy, freedom, and culture.


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