Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny: America Moves West

Time Line


James Monroe acquires the Louisiana Territory for $15 by signing a treaty with the French.

Meanwhile...Seminole Indian Raids anger Georgia farmers.

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The Spanish government yields Florida to the United States.


James Polk acquires the Oregon Territory by signing a treaty with the British.


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The United States annexes Texas, admitting them as the 28th state in the union.

The United States signs the treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo ending the war with Mexico.

Manifest Destiny is the belief that it was God's plan for American's to move West in order to expand thier "great experiment with liberty".

The Louisiana Purchase DOUBLED the size of the United States!

Considered the cheapest land deal in history, the Louisiana purchase cost just two to three cents per acre!

Meanwhile, Seminole Indian Raids anger Georgia Farmers. With orders to chase the Seminoles back to the Florida border, Andrew Jackson invades, angering the Spanish government.

The annexation of Texas, although celbrated by some, made many fearful of war with Mexico.

The concerns of many Americans turn out to be valid as the United States enters war with Mexico in 1846 over a land dispute.

In the Oregon Territory, James Polk gets neither 54-40 or a fight. By deiplomatic settlement with the British, America gets a sizable piece or Oregon without a drop of blood spilled.

Florida was acquired in excahnge for $5 million in settler's claims and an agreement to let Spain keep control of Texas.

James Monroe: 5th President of the United States


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