Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny

Time Line


Louisianna Territory was purchased


Florida Territoy was Purchased


Texas Territory became a state



Oregon Territory was ratified

Mexican-American War


The Austin's were offered huge chunk of land in Texas. Soon many Americans rushed to Texas. The Mexicans and Americans had many complaints about each other. Soon the Texans rebelled. Stephen Austin was then put in jail. A small war, called the Alamo started. Texas had gained independence.

Oregon was reffered to as a pioneers paridise. There were 4 countries settling this territory, Russia, Spain, Great Britian, and the United States. Spain and Russia decided to drop out. President Polk wanted all of the Oregon territory but ended up splitting it with Great Britian.

When congress wanted to annex Texas, the Americans and Mexicans got into a dispute.They couldn't come up with a border. They end up going into war, The Mexican- American War. Soon the Treaty of Guadalupe Hildago was signed saying Mexicans gave Texas to the Americans.

Americans wanted to take over the Florida territory because they were tired of indian raids and run away slaves. Monroe was sent to chase the indians back to Florida but instead took over it's military posts. Due to bad governing, the U.S. said govern or get out. The Spanish got out.

American farmers wanted to buy New Orleans, Louisianna after they found out Nepolean wanted to close it's port. President Jefferson offered him 7.5 million for it but Nepolean had another idea. He offered them the whole territory for 15 million. The United States doubled in size.

"Govern or Get Out!"

Remember The Alamo!!!


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