Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny

Manifest DestinyBy: Dominique Herx

Manifest Destiny was the Americans wanting to expand their land but the Mexicans did not want them to take their territory.

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The Louisiana TerritoryThe city of New Orleans and the Mississippi River were important to farmers because they floated crops down the river to load them on ships to Europe. Americans were alarmed by Napoleon's plan because it was to have French farmers grow crops for slaves which alarmed Americans because they would have no way of getting crops to the market. Napoleon sold Louisiana to the U.S. for $15 million.

TexasAmerican settlers had complaints, they were used to governing themselves so they resented taking orders from Mexican officials and they were unhappy that all official documents had to be in Spanish. The Tejanos also had complaints including that the Americans came to Texas illegaly and most of the immagrants showed barely any respect. Texas was admitted the 28th state in 1845.

FloridaAmericans in the Southeast wanted the U.S. to take over Florida because slaves from Georgia would run away and Seminoles were raiding the land. President Monroe ordered Jackson to end the raids. He captured, arrested and killed the British, Indians and Spanish. America told Spain to either govern Florida or get out. They gave Florida to America in exchange for $5 million.

Oregon CountryIn 1820 Great Britian and the U.S. had an argument concerning Oregon, they agreed to a peaceful "joint occupation" of Oregon. In the 1844 presidential campaign, James Polk promised that he would not rest until the U.S. had annexed all of Oregon Country. Polk however didn't follow through with his campaign because he didn't want Oregon to start a war.

The Mexican- American WarPresident Polk thought the Mexican government might want to sell California and New Mexico because the Mexican government had neglected them. The U.S. congress declared war on Mexico in 1846 because Texas and Mexico couldn't agree on a border. The U.S. bought the Gadsden Purchase in 1853 because it was relatively flat and could serve as a good railroad route.




The Mexican American War



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