Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny

War was started because Polk wanted to gain California and New Mexico. There were no agreements on the border so Polk and american troops went traveling down the Rio Grande. 16 americans were wounded or killed. Later americans launched a rebelion against Mexican rule of California. The US invaded Mexico but was stopped by an army of 20,000 troops. After war was over the US signed a treaty called theTreaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which gave us the Mexican Cession. The US in return had to pay 15 million dollars. Some americans were still not happy with all the land so we bought a strip of land for 10 million dollars. The land gave us a good railroad route.

Manifest Destiny

How did the US fullfill manifest destiny?







The Louisiana Purchace was a vast land that the US bought from Napoleon for 15 million dollars. Getting Louisiana doubled our nations size.

Louisiana Purchace


Thousands of settlers were attracted to the fertiled soiled, perfect vast land of Orgeon. When polk ran for president, he said, ''All of Oregon or none!'' He was soon elected as president. Polk didn't want to risk going to war with Oregon so the US and Orgeon split the Oregon county at the 49th parallel without dripping blood.


Mexican American War

Oregon Country

Florida had great farmland which wasn't being governed properly. Monroe sent Andrew Jackson to end the raids, instead, Jackson when to Florida and captured all of their property. Later the US sent Spain a message that said govern or get out. Spain left and we payed them 5 million dollars for the loss of settlers.

The gain of Texas all started with Moses Austin, he was offered a vast piece of land. Moses later died that year so his son took over, Stephen started moving americans into Texas. The Tejanos soon started to get mad because there were now 25,000 americans. Austin and the Texans went up in revolts. The battle raged on for 90 minutes, before you knew it all the Alamo's defenders were dead. Houston lead the Texans to a surprise attack yelling ''Remember the Alamo.'' Texas then became it's own state.


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