Manifest Destiny

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Manifest Destiny

Havinig acquired Louisiana through diplomacy, presiden Jefferson turned next to Florida. Spain had colonized this sunny pennisula in the late 1500's. Florida had a diverse population of seminole Indians, Spanish colonist, English traders, and runaway slaves.Americans In the southeats wanted the united states to take over florida because seminol were raiding farms. They were running away from there masters in GA and were accepted in florida. In 1819 the United States made a deal with Spain to end the conflict over Florida. The spanish got out of Florida after the U.S paid them 5 million dollars for settler claim.


There was a reason many americans felt that Texas was so valuable. Much of this region was well suited for growing cotton, the south s most valuable cash crop, and many southerners hoped that one day it would become part of the united states.In 1830 American settlers had 2 complaints in texas. They wanted public documents in english, not in spanish and they wanted to have slaves but mexico prohibited it from hppening.The Tejanos in 1830 didnt like that americans had come illegally and they didnt show respect to the mexicans or had intensions of citizens

Manifest Destiny

Oregan Counrty

America's first opportunitty for expansion during the early nineteeth century involved the vast territory to the west of the Mississippi river, then known as Louisiana.Lousianna was first claimed by france later Lousianna was given to spain after the French and Indian war. Napoleon was a french ruler who had big plans for Lousianna he hoped to settle territory withthousands of French farmers. New Orleans and The Mississippi River was very important to farmer because there was a port to export goods. By the 1800s there were thousands of farmers were settling the land of the west Applalchian Mountain. On 1803 Napoleon sold losianna to the united states for 15 million because he didnt need it anymore, due to rebbellion by the slaves.



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Oregan was known as a pioneers paradise because the weather was sunny and there was fertile soil and there was a lot of forest not to mention there wasnt diseases.In the 1820s great britian and the united states agreed on joint ocupation. In 1844 president james polk declared "Fifty-four forty or figh!" which meant he wanted all of Oregon until longitude and lattitude point which would take land away from england. He did not follow through with his campaign promise instead he got a diplomatic settlement to share with great britain

The U.S congress declared war on Mexico in 1846 because mexico invaded there territory and shed american blood on american oil President Polk thought the Mexican goverment might want to sell California and New Mexico because the mexican goverment long neglected New mexico and california and was well neglected. In the end the United States bought the Gadsden Puchase in 1853 because it served as a good railroad route


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