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Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee is about a boy called Jeffrey (Maniac Magee) whose parents died in the famous P&W trolley crash when Jeffrey was just 3 years old. He was then shipped off to his Uncle Dan and Aunt Dot's house, which is a miserable place because they are Catholics and won't divorce even though they hate each other. During a school play when Maniac was 11, he ran away from home. He ran the 200 miles to Two Mills in one year, which was fairly slow because he could run very fast then. In Two Mills he met some friends (Amanda Beale) and some enemies (John McNab and Mars Bar). The first home he had was at his friend Amanda Beale's house where he stayed for a long time until citizens of the East End started wanting Maniac Magee to go home(the West End) because he was a white person. Finally, when Maniac untangled Cobbles Knot and Amanda's book got ripped, Maniac took the citizens' advice and left the East End. He lived in the buffalo pen at the zoo for a few days until he passed out and a zookeeper found him. The zookeeper's name was Earl Grayson. He took care of Maniac until Grayson died 5 days after Christmas. Maniac ran away and met Russel and Piper McNab, who were trying to run away, and led them back to their home. He stayed in their house and found out that they are not like what he thought a family was. He tried to get the McNab family to accept African American people when he introduced Mars Bar but failed. Mars Bar got angry at Maniac and yelled at him. He made Maniac realize that he had no home and he started sleeping wherever he could-benches, parks or the buffalo shed. In the early mornings, he would run in Two Mills when the town was not divided. Before long, Maniac and Mars Bar started running in to each other and jogging together. One night, Amanda and Mars Bar woke Maniac up in the buffalo shed and told him to go back home (Amanda's house). Finally, Maniac had found a true home!

In my opinion Maniac Magee is a very good book. I has helped me learn about how racism is in other parts of the world and how I can try to stop it like Maniac. Magee.


Maniac Magee-a boy who achieves amazing featsEarl Grayson- a retired baseball player who takes care of ManiacAmanda Beale-Maniac's bossy friendMars Bar Thompson-Maniac's"bad" friendJohn McNab-A mean baseball player who is a member of the CobrasRussel and Piper McNab- Brothers who are miniature versions of John McNabMcNab the Dad-A mean, violent, racist father who makes his family miserableHester and Lester Beale-Cute siblings who like having Maniac aroundMrs. Beale- A heartwarming mother who treats Maniac like her own childUncle Dan and Aunt Dot-Strict Catholics who make Maniac run awayOld Ragpicker-An old man who tells Maniac to go home

The setting is in the town of Two Mills, Pennsylvania.



RECOMMENDATIONI recommend this book to anyone who likes interesting books

Maniac Magee

Jerry Spinelli




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