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Maniac Magee

There was a kid named Maniac Magee who was orphan. His parens died because of a car accident and so he lived with his uncle and aunt that where always fighting and angry at each other. One day they went to a school show. Suddenly Maniac Magee started screaming because of the hard life he had with his uncle and aunt and he run away. After a lot of running, he was at Bridgeport, where he was born. When he was walking in Two Mills, he accidentally bumped into a girl named Amanda Beale, that was going to school. Maniac Magee said that he didn't have a home and he asked if he could borrow a book so Amanda loaned him the book. One day, Maniac Magee went to the Little League field in the park where there was a baseball game and a boy, named Jhon Mcnab, who was considered one of the best baseball players. Everybody was scared of him because he could throw fastballs, except for Manic who very bravely beated him. Very soon Maniac Magee became very famous and his legend started to grow. Since Maniac didn't have a home, he decided to go to Elmwood Park Zoo and considered his home a buffalo pen. During the day he was running on the rails and Mcnab and his friends, called "Cobras", were very surprised. One day when he was walking in the East End, where black people lived, he met Mars Bar, a child that offered him a candy bar, not because he was generous but because he wanted to challenge him. They started to fight but then Amanda broke up the fight. One day Amanda invited Maniac to her house and Maniac enjoyed very much the happiness of their family and he soon became a new member. Unfortunately, although he loved living with his new family, he decided to run away because people living in the East End didn't want him to live in the black people area. They wrote on the wall of the Beale's house "Fishbelly go home" that made Maniac disappointed. Amanda then tried to convince Maniac to stay, challenging him to untangle a knot that was hanging from a flagpole standing outside a grocery shop. Maniac accepted the challenge and after a lot of stress he finally untangled the knot. Maniac became famous and as award he got a big pizza for a whole year. Later on, he found out that he was allergic to pizza. Maniac decides to return to the Elmwood Park Zoo at the buffalo pen where he met Grayson, an old man who worked at the park. Maniac was so hungry so Grayson fed him and they soon became very good friends. They celebrated Christmas and Thanksgiving together that was their first and last holiday together. Unfortunately 5 days after Christmas Grayson died, so Maniac was alone again. Maniac was very sad and weak, he didn't have a place to eat or sleep so he went to the Salvation Army where he met two kids named Russel and Piper, Mcnab's little brothers. They soon became friends and Maniac was invited in their filthy house in West End where white people lived. One day Maniac met Mars Bar who wanted to race with him hoping to defeat him, but ones again Maniac won the race running backwards. In the following days, Maniac decided to dare Mars Bar, who was always rude with him by bringing him to a party in West End. At the party, Maniac barely kept things under control due to racial prejudice. Days later, Mars Bar saved Russel who was in a danger situation and Maniac could not help him because they were in the place where his parents died. Mars Bar took Russel and Piper at his home where his mother fed them and took care of them even tough they had different races. At the end, Amanda convinces Maniac to come to her home, Mars Bar and Maniac are friends and Maniac finally has a home. SHORT VERSION:There was a kid named Maniac Magee who was orphan and lived with his aunt and uncle. Since he was not happy with them, he decided to run away. One year later he meets Amanda Beale who invited him to her house and soon he became a new family member. Unfortunately, some people didn't want Maniac to live there, so he ran away and takes shelter at the buffalo pen at the zoo. Maniac met Grayson, an old man working at the zoo and they soon became good friends. Unfortunately, five days after Christmas Grayson died and Maniac was alone again. He then went to live in an other house where the Mcnab's family lived. Russell and Piper Mcnab brothers were saved by Mars Bar, a child who at the beginning was very rude to Maniac. This helped to broke racism and create new friendship. Maniac once again was invited to Amanda's house and he finally had a home and was not alone anymore.


I really liked this book because it teaches us the importance of eliminating racial prejudices, of family, of true friendship, of never giving up in hard times and of thinking positively.


The main characters in Maniac Magee are: Maniac Magee, a 11 year old boy who is orphan. Amanda Beale, A girl who ended up living with Maniac. Jhon Mcnab, a big and strong boy who lost against Maniac in the baseball game. Grayson, an old man who becomes a close friend of Maniac. Mars Bar, a boy who at first he was rude and mean but then he became a good friend of Maniac.


RECOMMENDATIONI really recommend the book.


In the book Maniac Magee the story is set in the town of Two Mills that is divided in two parts: one is the West End where white people live. The other one is the East End where only black people live. The two areas are separatd by racial prejudice.


AUTHORJerry Spinelli



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