Maniac Magee

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Maniac Magee

Examples of Irony in Maniac Magee:>Maniac is allergic to pizza and wins it for conquering Cobble's Knot.>The day after Maniac gets the best gift of his life from Grayson, Grayson dies.>Every time Maniac got a good family/relationship with someone, something happened to them.

Maniac Magee Concepts and Ideas:>Racism>Loss>Family>Friendships>Love>Life

Maniac Magee Influential Characters>Maniac Magee (of course)>Mars Bar>Grayson>The Beale Family>Russel and Piper

Maniac Magee: D

Maniac ManiacHe's so coolManiac ManiacDon't go to schoolRuns all nightRuns all rightManiac ManiacKissed a bull!

East end, west end, what's the difference? The whites live in the west, and the blacks live in the east. But Maniac doesn't see the difference; he's "colorblind, meaning that he doesn't understand what's the difference between blacks and whites. He also thinks that all people all neither black or white... they're "Carmeltan, chocolate, ginger snap, light fudge, acorn, butter rum, cinnamon, and burnt orange. None were black. And, Maniac found seven different shades on his own body;none of them were white, except for his eyeballs, which were just like the blacks'."

Summary In Maniac Magee, Jeffery Lionel Magee has to live with his Aunt Dot and Uncle Dan after his parents both died in a trolley accident. But, his aunt and uncle hate eachother, and Jeffery hates this, so he runs away. On his journey ho tries to find a home, an adress, a family, and essentially, love. On the way, though, he does some crazy and amazing stuff, earning him the name of "Maniac Magee." In the end, he is accepted, rather, forced, to live with the Beales' and Mars Bar.



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