[2015] Jonathan Benge: Maniac Magee

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[2015] Jonathan Benge: Maniac Magee

Maniac Magee

It is amazing!

CharactersJeffery Lionel (Maniac Magee)Amanda Beale (First friend)Mars Bar Thompson (Bully)John McNab (Bully,later friend)Piper and Russell McNab (John's siblings)Earl Grayson (Mentor)Mrs. Beale (Mother of Amanda,Hester and Lester, later adoptive mother to Magee)Hester and Lester (Brother and Sister to Amanda)

ReviewIn Maniac Magee is a story about a boy named Jeffery Lionel who lost his parents in a tragic accident at age three and decided that living on the streets was a better option than living with his Aunt and Uncle who were too busy fighting the long eight years he was with them and never actually payed him any attention. What he soon discovers is that life on the streets is pretty hard but soon he finds himself some good luck when he comes into a town called Two Mills that is segregated into two sides the African American side on the East and the White side in the West. With no idea what racism is he ends up being a oddball to the community and then soon being a local legend when he does acts of courage like saving a young boy trapped on train tracks and athleticism when he beats a another boy at a game of baseball with a home run. All the while when he is making the town better by bringing it together, the town is becoming something he never had for a long time which is a home and a family.

Should I read this?


What does this book teach me?

This book teaches you that struggles of being homeless can be very hard and challenging. As Magee had no idea how to read and later had to be taught and how he never truly had a place to live or a family that loved him. The book also teaches that racism is a state of mind that is taught and not born with as Magee shows by not having any idea on what it is.


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