Manhattan Project

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World War II

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Manhattan Project

The Manhattan Project was a research and development project that produced the first atomic bombs during World War II. It was led by the United States with the support of the United Kingdom and Canada. From 1942 to 1946, the project was under the direction of Major General Leslie Groves of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer was the scientific director of the Los Alamos National Laboratory that designed the actual bombs. The Army component of the project was designated the Manhattan District; "Manhattan" gradually superseded the official codename, Development of Substitute Materials, for the entire project. Along the way, the project absorbed its earlier British counterpart, Tube Alloys. The Manhattan Project began modestly in 1939, but grew to employ more than 130,000 people and cost nearly US$2 billion (about $26 billion in 2014[1] dollars). Over 90% of the cost was for building factories and producing the fissile materials, with less than 10% for development and production of the weapons. Research and production took place at more than 30 sites across the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada.


1939War Declared1942Roosevelt formally authorizes the atomic bomb project.1945the first nuclear explosion, the Trinity nuclear test of an implosion-style plutonium-based nuclear weapon known as the gadget at Alamogordo; USS Indianapolis sails for Tinian with nuclear components on board.1945B-29 Enola Gay drops Little Boy, a gun-type uranium-235 weapon, on the city of Hiroshima, the primary target.1945B-29 Bockscar drops a Fat Man implosion-type plutonium weapon on the city of Nagasaki, the secondary target, as the primary, Kokura, is obscured by cloud and smoke.1945Surrender of Japan to the Allied powers.

The Manhattan Project accomplished many before impossible tasks. It made it so instead of dropping hundreds of bombs on a city, they could just drop one massive bomb. It also accomplished ending the war in the Pacific, and entiring the world in The Nuclear Age.

Lasting Impact

The Manhattan Project has effected the world in very many great ways. Some being that countries now access to weapons of mass destruction that could potentially wipe out civilization. Other reasons are that we now have access to nuclear power. It has also made us understand our Sun more.

Manhattan Project




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