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Chemical Elements

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Properties-Manganese's chemical symbol is Mn and its atomic number is 25-Atomic Mass: 54.938045-Manganese is usually found in the solid state of matter-it is a transition metal, group #7-Color: dark metallic gray-Density: 7.3 grams per cubic centimeter-Melting Point: 1519 K, 2275 F-Boiling Point: 2334 K, 3742 F-Manganese has 7 isotopes and Mn 55 being the only stable meaning its relative abundance is 100%

Manganese(From Latin word for magnet, "Manges")

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Facts/Health Concerns

-burned in furnace wtih powdered alumnium to create magnesium sulfate, which is then electrolyzed-it is added to molten steel to remove oxygen and sulfur-alloyed wtih steel to make it stronger and resistant to impact-used to give amethyst gemstones their glossy color-also used in dry cell batteries to stop the creation of hydrogen-added to metal in drinking containers to reduce corrosion


-discovered and synthesized by Johann Gottlieb Gahn in Sweden in 1774-Manganese is a conductor but a bad one-the pure element is not radioactive, but its isotopes areHealth concerns:-has moderate acute toxicity and chronic inhalation can affect the nervous system

-Manganese is found all over the world and sometime on the ocean floor in the form of nodules-Abudance in Earth: 0.95%-Universe: 0.0008%-Human Body: 0.012 grams



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