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The Mandan women wore long sleeved ankle lengthed dresses made by mountain sheep or deerskin. Women also wore beads and earrings for decoration. The Mandan usually dressed plainly, but for special occasions they usually dressed nicely. For the winter the men wore big buffalo robes during the winter because there were often big blizzards.


Native Nation

The Mandan got water from the Missouri river. They lived right beside it.

During warm weather men wore breechcloth from animal skins, in the winter men wore deerskin leggings, shirts decorated with porcipine quills and moccasins.

The Mandan ate cornballs, elk, buffalo, vegetables, fish , and different kinds of berries.

When it rained and all the water flooded, it made the soil easier for growing the crops.

To build their houses the Mandan used soil sod, posts,tree trunks, dry grass, and animal skins. Their houses werecalled, earth lodges.

The Mandan lived in 2 kinds of houses. One was called, and earthlodge, and the other was called a longhouse. The earthlodge was a dome shape structure and the longhouses were long and built into a hill.

When the Mandan met up with Lewis and Clark, they gave them corn and other food so that Lewis and Clark wouldn't starve.


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