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Manatees and dugongs, also known as sea cows, are endangered species belonging to the scientific Order Sirenia. All four living species are vulnerable to extinction from habitat loss and other negative impacts related to human population growth and coastal development. Manatees and dugongs are the only marine mammal herbivores.


Sea Cow

What Is Order Sirenia?????

The evolution of manatees and dugongs has been well studied despite the limited fossil record, which indicates there were once many more species of sirenians, especially during the Miocene Epoch (5-23 million years ago). Although Sirenian evolution is not fully understood, scientists believe the order originated in the African region during the Eocene Epoch, 50-55 million years ago.While there are about 78 species of cetaceans (whales & dolphins) and about 235 species of primates (monkeys, apes, chimps), there are only 4 species of sirenians living on earth today, three manatees and one dugong. A fifth species, Steller's sea cow, was hunted to extinction by explorers in the 1700s

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Save The Manatees !!!!!

Description habitat and aquatic adaptations of manatees


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