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Manatee Glog

Found in Virginia and Florida.

We can help the manatees by avoiding their natural habitat and to raise awareness of their habitat!


The main reason manatees were threated were because of habitat loss and watercraft mortality. However, red tide was another reason why they are threatened.More

Manatees are on the vulnerable list of IUCN's Redlist and have been vulnerable since 1982. It is estimated that there are 31,000 Florida Manatees left.Cite

Manatee( Trichechus manatus)

Found in any type of water!

Red Tide occured when a micro algae produces a toxin that can poison manatees. Another common occurance is habitat loss. Humans build their homes along shallow waters, causing manatees to lose their homes.

Manatee sounds

The manatee is gray all around its body. It has a flattish face and is sometimes called a se cow. Manatees can hold their breath undewater for up to 15 minutes.

The manatee is a voracious grazer and eats sea grass. It has no large predator except for humans who kill this animal for its fat, skin, and bones.



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