Manana Jakeli - Teaching History through Political Cartoons

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Manana Jakeli - Teaching History through Political Cartoons

The birth of Caricature

Interpreting Political Cartoons in the History Classroom :(Presentations)1.Crimean War in Cartoons2.World War I in Cartoons3. Using Political Cartoons to Understand Historical Events

"How Euorpe Went to War in 1914"

What Is It?A lesson that introduces a framework for understanding and interpreting political cartoons that can be used throughout your entire history course.

RationalePolitical cartoons generally are thought-provoking and strive to educate the viewer about a current issue. They have grown extremely popular due to the straightforward way they address anissue. Whereas a typical newspaper article is filled with a greatmany words to relay information and ideas, a political cartoon reduces an entire article down to simple pictures. Found in newspapers across the globe, political cartoons have proved a powerful vehicle for swaying public opinion and criticizing or praising political figures. A cartoon can often have more veracity and insight than hundreds of words of text-based analysis.Indeed, a picture is worth a thousand words. And for centuries political cartoonists have used this sometimes devastating medium to cut the powerful and proud down to size.

Kaiser Wilhelm - A Place in the Sun

If the cave-man had known how to laugh, History would have been different…” Oscar Wild

Teaching History Through Political Cartoons

"Frustrated Bear"(Crimian War Cartoon)

Political Cartoons: More Than Meets The Eye...