Manana Jakeli - Learning Diary

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Manana Jakeli - Learning Diary

Hi ! I'm from Georgia, Telavi. I teach History and Civic Education at public school N3 of Telavi. I like my profession, I've been a teacher of History and Civic Education for 20 years; I like inovations, I always use new technologies in teaching History. My students are between 13 and 18 years old.My hobbies are: reading, music - classical and jazz, art, computer technologies...

Manana Jakelilearning Diary-Developing Digital Skills in your Classroom

My School

Telavi - My Hometown

1.What are Digital Skills and why do we need them?

I agree with Ollie ! In the modern workplace, digital skills are highly valued; in the future, digital skills will be vital and so I would like to improve my digital skills, I think it's really important for my pupils - I must teach them how to use new technologies, however they must get 21st century challenges...

Digital Age

2.How to use digital resources?

I like innovations, I always try to improve my digital skills, I had some courses in ICT which help me to use new technologies, I can integrate it in my lessons. It's very interesting and creative - Teaching History through new technologies. I'm able to create video, blogs, presentations (Powerpoint, Prezi, Glogster, Sway, Piktochart...), quizzes, documents and e.c... I I'm really happy to do it with my digitals :) I also use digital skills to communicate and keep in touch with friends, colleagues and students (emails, Skype, social networks like Facebook, digital platforms). I go on looking for new apps and also thanks a lot to eTwinning!!!I think, I can get 21st century challenges... :)

My Glogs and Prezis

3.How to create digital resources

For collaboration in the classroom I use: Google drive (exchange files), facebook group, Padlet for discussing; blubbr,, zaption for online quizzes; for posters and presentations - piktochart, Glogster Edu and at last thanks a lot to Ollie for useful tools introduced there...

4.How to programme machines?

Anything that comes to mind positively when thinking about my school, students...Our school is about 200 years old. Our school has a great traditions, at this school studied a lot of famous people...School life is very interesting and dynamic. I want to introduce one of the most beautiful spring day with my pupils, 7th grade. The lesson at Aleksandre Chavchavadze House Museum in Tsinandali, near Telavi-

5.How to use social media?

6. Final Project