[2015] Kelly T (6th Earth Science 2015): Managing Forests

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Environmental Studies

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[2015] Kelly T (6th Earth Science 2015): Managing Forests

What is Selective Cutting? ~ One of the major styles of cutting ~ When you cut down some trees, but leave some taller~ Less damaging to the forests because it leaves trees standing~ Selective cutting is harder and more expensive for loggers~ Leads to diverse growth

What is Diverse Growth?~Result of selective cutting~When some trees grow higher, and others grow lower~Trees growing at different rates~Has variety, uinlike replanted growth~Better for environment because of differences

How Does It Affect the Ecosystem?~Both clear and selective cutting affect the ecosystem~Clear cutting removes trees as a habitat for a period of time~Clear cutting forces animals to adapt to less trees~Increases stream temperatures, killing fish~Selective cutting benefits the ecosystem~Selective Cutting provides new shoots as food, and old trees as shelter~Less damaging to soil

What is Sustaining a Forest?~To increase the good parts, such as timber and food for animals, ~To decrease the amount of bad parts, such as detrimental / poor trees

By Kelly and Emma

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Managing Forests


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