[2015] Emma Carrington (6th Earth Science 2015): Managing Forests

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Environmental Studies

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[2015] Emma Carrington (6th Earth Science 2015): Managing Forests

Managing our forests is important because loggers cut down many trees which damage ecosystems. This effects the land, animals, rivers, lakes, and of course trees. If we keep cutting down trees, there will be no more left. Also, ecosystems will be destroyed which can also lead to other problems.

Clear cutting is one of the two major methods of loggingClear cutting is the process of cutting down all of the trees in an area at onceClear cutting is usually cheaper and quicker than most other methodsIt is also safer for the loggers workingWhen clear cutting is in place, the ecosystem changesSometimes, soil can be blown into streams which can damage life in the stream

Clear Cutting


Replanted growth is the natural restocking of existing forests that have been cut down.Replanted growth happens after clear cutting.This is used to rebuild ecosystems and habitats.When forests are replanted, they are done so with the same biodiversity as it was before it was cut down.Sometimes, replanted growth happens after fires or other natural disasters.

Some of the tools used for logging include:Measuring ropeDibbersATV archCable/Cable tongsCant hookChokersHand ropeHand tongsHookeroonLog jackMini-skidderPeaveySkid coneSnatch blockTimber carrierTractor mounted winchTractor mounted processor

Tools Used in Logging


Why It's Important

Replanted Growth


This is a 15 year old replanted tree

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By Emma Carrington and

Kelly TranPeriod 6

Some deer thriving in a dense forest

Fun Fact:Many people don't know that the Hawaiian rainforests are disappearing.

Clear Cutting


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