Man on Fire

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Man on Fire

John Creasy was a former CIA special agent. He is hired in a rich Mexican family as bodyguard for protecting their teenage girl named Pita. Creasy was alcoholic and frustration rift in his life before he joins this family. Pita innovate his life and switch him smile again. Creasy feels very much fondness for her. One day Pita was kidnapped by criminals and Creasy was shot through the criminals when he attempts to save her. After a couple of days John Creasy is release from wounded also came to know Pita was killed by the criminals. Then he ready for himself for revenge and the criminals who was involve in abduction they are hunt by him one by one.

The Cast

Creasy - The family bodyguardLupita - The daughter of Lisa and SamuelPaul - Creasy's friendMariana - The journalist

Director - Tony ScottDenzel Washington - John CreasyDakota Fanning - Lupita RamosRadha Mitchell - Lisa RamosChristopher Walken - Paul RayburnMarc Anthony - Samuel RamosGiancarlo Giannini - Miguel ManzanoMickey Rourke - Jordan KalfusRachel Ticotin - Mariana Garcia Gustavo Sánchez - Daniel SanchezJesús Ochoa - Victor Fuentes

Evil Characther

Daniel Sanchez- The kidnapperFuentes - Corrupt agentKalfus - Corrupt lawyerAurelio - Daniel's brother



Man on Fire

The Plot

Oficial Trailer

Main Characther


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