Man-made Wonders - Saint Petersburg Dam

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Man-made Wonders - Saint Petersburg Dam

The founder of the city, Peter the Great, had chosen a very low-lying area on which to build St. Petersburg and from its very foundation, floods were a major problem.

Excursion around the damb

Man-made wondersSaint Petersburg Damb

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The dam tunnel is also the last completed part of the Saint Petersburg Ring Road. The northern and southern parts of the dam act like two giant bridges and provide an easy access from mainland to Kotlin Island and Kronstadt.

Over 30 water purification installations are placed around the complex,

Floods1824-13.5 feet 1924 -12 feet

The project was begun in 1979, and construction continued through 1995, at which point the dam was around 70% complete, when due to difficulties obtaining financing after the fall of the Soviet Union the project was suspended until 2005, when Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ordered its resumption. Construction was completed in 2011, and the formal opening of the complex was on 12 August 2011. At the opening ceremony, Putin said that the completion of the project was a "historic event" and meant that Saint Petersburg "is not just protected from floods, the ecological situation also improved.

The entire project cost roughly 109 billion rubles ($3.85 billion), and resulted in a series of eleven separate dams measuring 25 kilometres (16 mi) across the Gulf of Finland. Built into the structure are two openings to allow ships to pass through, six gates that can be closed to hold back water, and about 30 facilities for purifying water flowing into the gulf.Дамба


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