Man in the Moon

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Man in the Moon

It has been thought for quite some time that the moon resembles an old man's face. People have made up stories for years about a wise old moon who looks down on the inhabitants of the Earth.What IS the man in the moon? You know that the moon is filled with craters, right? Well along with craters, the moon has dark splotches called maria. These smooth plains were caused by ancient volcanic eruptions on the moon.Scientists used to think that the man in the moon would just randomly face us. Now, this is not the case. The moon's orbit is locked in a certain direction, so the "face" always faces us. Did you know that the moon isn't actually a perfect sphere? It's elongated slightly on both ends, which happened a very long time ago (when the moon first formed) because of Earth's gravity. The "face" of the moon is actually one of the two elongated ends facing us. Interesting, huh?

The "Man in the Moon"

Do you believe it? Do you see it?

In the story "Bunny Rabbit on the Moon" by Justin Chafe, along with in certain Chinese legends, instead of a man, there is a rabbit who lives on the moon.

One artist's depiction of a "man in the moon."

Type"moon" or "Earth's moon" into the search bar under Google images ( Find a picture that you think resembles a face, or a rabbit. Save it to your desktop. Then, open it in a drawing program (paint, pixie, Picasa) and use the drawing tools to draw your version of a man in the moon. Save it, print it, share it!

Try This! (see example page above!)

Visit for some pictures of traced outlines of a man (and woman!) that a person saw on the moon. This is similar to the "try this" exercise at the bottom of this glog- when you're done reading, try one for yourself!


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