mammoth cave

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mammoth cave

Mammoth Cave

mammoth cave was believed to have originated by ancient sea that covered the central United States 325 mya.  600 feet of  limestone from ancient organisms and shells deposited and was then covered by a sandstone and shale cap that was deposited by an ancient river. when the sea and the river disappeared, the "evil" forces of WED underwent the cap until about 10 million years ago, when cracks and holes began to expose the limestone underneath.this began the formation of the caves. rainwater worked its way underground in the form of rivers and they began hollowing out the caves.

did you know?-Native Americans of the Early Woodland period gathered minerals from Mammoth Cave around 4,000 years ago and were believed to have discovered it.they left behind slippers, cane torches, gourds, and mussel shells perfectly preserved in the cave.-explorers are still not done mapping the cave system and there is believed that there could be a total of 1,000 miles -130 animals species are in the cave on a regular basis; 12 of them are eyeless as a way of adaptation to the dark caves; 3 are endangered species such as the Kentucky Cave shrimp,Indiana Bat, and the Gray Bat.-despite its name, there is no evidence of wooly mammoths ever living there, rather it got its name from its vast size.

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•fossils-Typical fossils found in the cave include crinoids, blastoids, gastropods, and the teeth of fossil sharks.•groundwater- Mammoth Cave Karst Aquifer, The groundwater that flows underground from the sinkhole plain south of the park into the Green River finds its outlet through innumerable springs. Some of them are River Styx Spring, Echo River Spring, and Turnhole Spring. •rivers- Green River and Nolin River, contains one of the most diverse species of fish and mussles.

actual questions Mammoth Cave National Park rangers reported to have received by tourists.-where are the mammoths?-how did mammoths carve this?-how long did it take the construction worker to make this?-what time does the 2'clock train leave?

geological features found here

how did it form?

mammoth cave is the world's longest cave system found in the United States in Brownsville,Kentucky right under the Flint Ridge Platue. the cave system is around 400 miles long, but new caves are constantly being discovered every single includes 5 subterraneanlevels of narrow passage ways and underground rivers. it is part of the mammoth cave national park and has been a popular tourist attraction since 1941.

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