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characteristics of mammalsmammals all give birth to live young. and they all have hair even dolphins have tiny tiny hairs on there body. they are all warm booded and they also all have a back bone.they all feed theyre babys milk.they have been around for ten million years ther are 8.7 million mammals on earth.6.5 million on land 2.2  million in water.

Description of animal My animal hase black and white  stripes  with black and white hair .🐾 A short tail with a tiny bit of hair on the end. They are 2.7 in length and 380kg.

Habitat A zebras habitat has long dry grass with a wide range without trees.Sometimes there is a tree or two but the habitat for zebras is shrinking.

DietThey are herbivores so they do not  eat meat.But they do eat grass twigs leaves bark shrubs and herbs.

fun facts  No stripes are alike.pepole use to ride zebras like horses in Africa.they are actully white with black stripes.



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