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A Hedgehog might roll into a ball only exposing the spikes on its coat. Armadillos' caots are made of amror, and driend, hardened skin.

Mammals have different kinds of teeth. The bear's teeth are adapted to eat meat and plant material. The canadian beavers' incisor teeth are very long and orange in color.


Eyewitness BooksAlfred A. Knopf



Growing Up

The Teeth

Most mammals develope very quickly and become self pleasing. At 63 days old, kittens are able to fend for themselves. While the young cat is self-sufficient, a human baby is basically helpless. The best behavior of a child is to smile, encouraging affection and handling(and warmth). It takes the baby many more years to become fully independant.

A horse's tail is used to whisk away flies. The Canadian beaver uses their tail for as a rudder when they swim. Armadillo's have tails that are well armored. The tough plates developed from hardened, dead skin.

To stay clean, mammals groom themselves or eachother. The cat, for example, licks its front paw to clean behind the ears. Horses stand side by side to remove lice and ticks.

VOCABULARYBaleen- a flexable horny substance hanging in the fringed plates from the upper jaw of a baleen whaleRudder- a movable control surface attached to a vertical stabilizer, located at the rear of an animal and used to turnDust Bath- When chinchillas roll around in sand or dirt to remove parasitesMammary Glands-Unique to the mother, they form the skin and resemble sweat glandsFlukes-Unique to the mother, they form the skin and resemble sweat glands

The Tail


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