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Your Animal - Description  Blue whales are the largest animal that lived on planet earth. The Blue Whale is 100 feet long. They weigh up to 200 tons.

DietThe Blue whale likes to eat plankton, krill, tiny shrimp, euphausiids, and   copepods.Blue whales are also carnivores. Carnivores are things that kill there food. They  also eat 5 tons of krill.

Other Interesting Facts Blue Whales are the biggest thing  that lived an earth and they one of the smallest marine animal.They are the oldest mammals.There are 12,000 blue whales in the world.The Blue whale can hold its breath for 90 minutes.Blue whales do not have teeth. There scientific names is Balaenoptera musculus. also they can dive to about 100 meters.

Habitatthe blue whale migrates to the tropical places because they like deep water. they live in the antarctic and the arctic.

MAMMALS   Blue whales

Characteristics of Mammals Mammals have hair and they can live in the sea and land.Mammals are born live.Only two mammals hatch from an egg.Mammals are warm-blooded.



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