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Your Animal - Description  Dolphins are pretty small they are usually three meters, but some can be huge. They have kind of a spindle shaped body their snout is kind of like a beak. They are usually grey. Dolphins have a fin on top of their back to help then have them steer it's called dorsal fin. Their flippers are to give them direction.

DietDolphins usually eat stuff like herring, cod, and mackerel.  Sometimes they eat squids or other cephalopods. When they do eat squids and other cephalopods they have to eat more of them because they don't have that much fat but herring cod do so they don't have to eat that much. Larger  dolphins eat marine mammals like seals or sea lions sometimes even turtles. Usually they eat up to 10 kg to 25 kg of fish.

Other Interesting Facts-If you split a dolphin tooth in half you can tell how old it is.-Each dolphin has its own signature whistle so others can recognise them.- Orca or a "Killer Whale" is actually a dolphin.- A dolphin is as smart as a ape.- A pod of dolphins can have more than 1000 members.-A Bottle nose dolphin brain is bigger than a humans.

HabitatDolphins live in water that are usually 10 to 32 C. They live in some important rivers. Dolphins can be found in ports, bays, gulfs and estuaries. If any dolphins live in salt water they can stand the cold. Dolphins can live in salt and fresh waters.


Characteristics of Mammals All mammals have four things in common hair, mammary glands, hinged jaw and three tiny middle ear bones. Mammals have been on earth for 200 million years, but dolphins have been around for 40 million years. There are 40 species of dolphins.



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