[2015] María: MALÚ

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[2015] María: MALÚ

Born: Madrid (1982)Genre: Pop, Pop Rock and BalladYears Active : 18 years


María Lucía Sánchez Benítez, Malú is a singer from Spain. She was born in Madrid in 1982. When she was a child, she loved singing and when she was 15 years old, she started her musical career. Her parents are famous singers too. They are Pepe de Lucía and Pepi Benitez, and her uncle was Paco de Lucía. She sing pop, rock and ballad music. She participates in charitable causes with Unicef, Red Cross, Save the Children etc... I like this singer because I think that she is the best singer from Spain.

Malú has recorded 13 CD's in her career of 18 years. She received twenty nine awards and she has got the honorary Medal of Andalusia. Last year she earned four nominations in the 40 Principales and she won three awards. She was the artist with the most awards




1998 - Aprendiz1999 - Cambiarás2001 - Esta vez2003 - Otra piel2004 - Por una vez2005 - Malú2006 - Desafío2007 - Gracias2009 - Vive2010 - Guerra Fría 2012 - Dual2013 - Sí2015 - Quiero (Single)

She's short and thin. She has got brown eyes, long brown hair. She's cheerful, honest, friendly and sensitive. She's a solidary person. She wears trendy clothes but she often wears dark clothes for concert.


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