Malo Fransico Coronodo

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Malo Fransico Coronodo

Spain gave me money to sail. I was sailing because I wanted to find riches (The Seven Cities of gold.)

I claimed lands like South America and Mexico for Spain. I also was the first Spanish explorer to visit what would become the America Southwest. I also found the Grand Canyon, Colorodo river and the Rio Grande Valley.

What he found

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I was known for introduing Europeans to the Indians of the southwest. I also wanted to make them slaves .Many of the Indians died from the battles that I waged aganst them. Many had died from diseases brought by the Spaniards. I wanted Indians to become Christians and swear their allegiance to the king of Spain but they did not want to so there was a battle.

I was born in Salamaca , Spain in 1510. I was also not the first child. I was a nobleman, and I was a solider. I met and married Dona Beatriz de Estrada in New Spain. I died in Mexico City on September 22 1554.

Early life

Francisco Coronado




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