Mallard Duck

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Mallard Duck

Adaptions:- Webbed feet.- The bill.- Feathers.

Mallard Duck

Behavior: A Mallard is a dabbler which means shallow-water duck that feeds by upending and dabbling.

Length- Male-24.7",Female-23"Height-20 to 26 in.Weight- Male-2.7lbs.Female- 2.4lbs.

Life Span:5 to10 years.

Diet:Omnivore:They eat plant seeds, insects,snails,earthworms,and aquatic vegetation.

Male Color:The male mallard's white neck-ring separates the green head from the chestnut-brown chest. The bill is yellow to yellowish-green and the legs and feet are coral-red.

Female Color:The female mallard is a mottled brownish color and has a violet speculum bordered by black and white. The bill is orange splotched with brown, and the legs and feet are orange.

Location:They are found throughout the entire North American Continent.

Predators:Red Fox, Raccoon, and Raptors.

Population:Their is about 8.4 million Mallards.

Habitat:Shallow ponds,lakes,rivers,and agricultural fields.

Taxonomy:-Kingdom:Animalia. -Phylum:Chordata. -Class:Aves. -Order:Anseriformes. -Family:Anatidae. -Genus:Anas. -Species:platyrhynchos.

Anas platyrhynchos


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