Mali's New Machine CCL

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Social Studies

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Mali's New Machine CCL

Here is where This machiene is used

Many african women have started their own small buisness's well here's another, this new machine can grind 100 pounds of peanuts in 1 hour. That would thake 3 DAY'S by hand! African women use this machiene in many ways.1. They sell more peanut products2. They can hire men to fix the machiene if it breaks3. They can charge people who want to use the machine.

How have the women of Mali changed their communties:Women are now able to send their kids to school.People have better life quality.This machine helped pull the people out of poverty.Provides good service to their community.

Mali's New Machine!

Fresh Peanuts

You can make the amount of money you would make in a couple weeks, in just a few days.You have to pay 25 cents to use the machine. By using the machine 15 pounds of peanuts can be done in close to 15 minutes. You can earn money much faster and a lot moreThe peanut butter is much better than before and also the quality of life in about the 300 Mali villages that own and work the machine. There is now light bulbs in houses making life easer


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