Malcolm X

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Malcolm X

- Relocation- Parents & Siblings- Middle school dropout- Michigan State Detention Home

Childhood/ Education

- Prominent Leader/Spokesman- Member of NoI- Civil Rights Activist

Black Panthers

- Founded by Huey Newton & Bobby Seale- Civil Rights for all- Support Grew Fast- Purpose of Black Panthers

Who is Malcom X

Malcolm X

- 10 years of prison- New faith- Nation of Islam - New mindset- Marriage & children

Path to a New Life

"Malcolm, one of life's first needs is for us to be realistic. Don't misunderstand me, now. We all like you, you know that. But you've got to be realistic about being a nigger. A lawyer--that's no realistic goal for a nigger. You need to think about something you can be. You're good with your hands, making things...Why don't you plan on carpentry.”

Troubled Years

- Roxbury Ghetto- Street Life- Gambling, Drugs, Burglary - "Detroit Red"


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