Malcolm X

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Malcolm X

Malcolm X

Malcolm XMalcolm Little Shabazz aka Malcolm X was an African American Muslim Civil Rights Leader. Who always had a positive vibe. He was a human rights activist. Who stayed strong and faught for what he believed in and thought was right.

Question 3: What did your parents do for a living?Malcolm X- My Dad ,Earl Little was a minister. He than later got hit by a car and died later on when I was six. My dad was apart of the Universal Negro Improvement Association with a close family friend of ours Marcus Garvey. My mother suffered a nervous breakdown, and spent years in a mental institution. My Seven siblings and I were sent to foster homes.



Civil Rights Movemnt

Civil Rights Movemnt

Malcolm X

Malcom X was Born in Omaha, Nebraska. In May 19, 1925.

''Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery''

''''Without Education you arent going anyhere in this world''

Question 2:Who inspired you to be a CRM leader? Marcus Garvey inspired Me. Marcus Garvey was a political leader. Also was a friend of My Dad. Marcus Garvey was Born in Jamaica in August 17, 1877. Later died in 1940.Marcus Garvey the Universal Negro Improvement Association , represented the largest movement in African American history.

Question 4: How was your childhood like growing up?Malcolm X- Wasn't the best. I dont think anyone has a great childhood when their father dies when their six years old . Also being placed in a foster home not being able to see their mom for sometime. A few years later I graduated from junior high at the top of my classes. He wantted to be a lawyer after he graduated college but soon a teacher told malcolm his dreams of becoming a lawyer was "no realistic goal for a nigger," Malcolm then had lost interest in school.

Lets Talk About Malcolm XMalcolm x was a funny and intelligent man.I beileve Malcolm X is important today and always will be to people today. Malcolm X had 6 children, all with Betty Shabazz who sadly died in 1997 from a awful 3rd degree burn . Four girls and two boys.

Question 1: What was your relgious background? Malcolm X - Im Muslim . Which is a follower of the religion of Islam. Muslims believe that there is only One God. Which Is Allah. Muslims base their laws on their holy book the Qur’an, and the Sunnah.


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