Malcolm X

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Social Studies
African-American History

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Malcolm X

Background Information

Malcolm Little was born in 1925.In 1929 the KKK burned down the Little home, and two years later Malcolm's father was found murdered.Malcolm and his siblings were taken from their mother and placed in state institutions. The loss of her children caused Malcolm's mother to have a mental breakdown and she was sent to a mental hospital. He was sent to jail for ten years, in jail he self-educated himself, and through letters from his family he learned about the Nation of Islam, when he joined he changed his name to Malcolm X.His radical ways forced him to leave the Nation of Islam. During the summer of 1964, Malcolm returned to Africa. After returning to the United States, Malcolm X continued to seek support for bringing the issue of American racism before the World Court and United Nations. He enumerated the connections between Euro-American capitalistic exploitation and racist oppression both in the Third World and America.

Background Information


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