Malaysia,Truly Asia

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Malaysia,Truly Asia

Malaysia,Truly Asia

Biodiversity Biodiversity is one of the aspectsas to how Malaysia is a microcosm of Southeast Asia (SEA).

Mangroves play a crucial role in Malaysia's biodiversity as well. Why? Typically requiring specific environmental conditions to grow in, they are rare in other parts of the world where the climate and geography are different. Example, the International Society for Mangrove Ecosystems (ISME), a Japanese organisation, held a research recently that took place in Indonesia. Mangroves are also able to survive in fresh, saline and brackish water, near more coastal areas, therefore also lessening the impact of tsunamis if the situation were to arise. Mangroves can be found in other countries such as Singapore and Vietnam too.

Rice is the staple food of all Southeast Asian countries. It is consumed by millions everyday throughout each year, and is planted by most Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, and not to mention, Malaysia. Southeast Asian delicacies and cuisines commonly include the use of spices and other ingredients such as ginger, dried onions, sesame and tofu. Stir frying and steaming are popularly used cooking techniques as well. Examples of dishes are curry and satay.

Many forests are precious and marked as heritage sites in Malaysia. They are home to many organisms such as tapirs and timber trees. Countless secondary forests grew thanks to environmental efforts as, such as the Kuala Selangor Nature Park. Before it had become a nature park, it was deforested and was to become a golf course. Due to environmental awareness raised by the government, the plans were cancelled and a secondary forest grew quickly. Environmental awareness around SEA include Timor-Leste having made action on sustainable rural enrgy development, while the Government of Thailand having acknowledged issues such as soil erosion in forests.

Fun factDid you know that rainforests cover 60% of Malaysia's ladscape?

In summary, a reason why Malaysia is a microcosm of Southeast Asia is the biodiversity and culture present here. The wildlife and heritage here is evidently shared throughout all countries in SEA, and we should do our best to preserve them.


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