Malaysia: a Microcosm of Southeast Asia

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Malaysia: a Microcosm of Southeast Asia

In What Ways?- Malaysia's physical environment- Malaysia's history- Malaysia's entrepeuneurship

Physical Environment: MANGROVES -Exists in intertidal zones.- Used for: 1. Ship building 2. Charcoal 3. Foundations.- Benefits of mangrove: 1. Supports the food chain. 2. Provides natural coastline protection. Roots prevent soil erosion. 3. Acts as a breaker against disasters (storms, tsunamis, floods, etc.) 4. Allows for recreation and tourism 5. Retains pollution like rubbish from the sea.

Malaysia: A Microcosm of Southeast Asia?


PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENTKUALA SELANGOR | FLORA AND FAUNA- Important migratory area for birds - Primarily Mangrove Forest- Secondarily Low-quality timbre forest-

Southeast Asia's physical environement has mostly forested hills, mountain ranges and predominant jungle. Forests take up 59.5% of Malysia's area.

HISTORYTRADE:-Earliest trade system developed during the Neolithic Age-Early maritime trade underwent rapid development in the region Malaysia was strategically located between the sea route of East and West, thus was a magnet for traders.ECONOMIC POWER of Melaka depended on tradetraded goods:1. spices2. textiles: were of great demand in Malay World3. Metals and Minerals: Tin ore, Gold, Iron

Southeast asia is well-known for its diverse trade. Malacca is actually an actiive trading site. We can safely conclude that trade is a bustling activity that occurs in Malaysia everyday. Hence, we can infer that Malayia is definitely a microcosm of Southeast Asia.

ENTREPENEURSHIP: BONIA, SEMBONIAThey are both in-house brands.Founder; Mr SS Chiang- Bonia is made from high-quality that is imported from Italy and is the most popular in INDONESIA, SINGAPORE AND MALAYSIA.Fact: Mr Chiang's first brand was Awareness and started off in Singapore. It was a great success and soon reached Malaysia, where he decided to settle in and develop his brands.- Bonia is a very high class brand whose bags are made in Italy thus, it can cost up to RM2000- Sembonia on the other hand, is more affordable and is still popular in countries such as SINGAPORE, MYANMAR, CAMBODIA, VIETNAM and MALAYSIA itself.

Malaysia is on a rise of becoming a cosmopolitan country in Southeast Asia. Malaysia has created many local brands that are well-liked in Southeast Asia such as Bonia, which is one of the the trending leaders in the bag industry.

Malaysia is a representation of Southeast Asia which is a region that comes out with new inventive brands and ideas

Conclusion:From the mentioned points above, we can finally conclude that Malaysia is indeed a microcosm of Southeast Asia

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