Malayan Sun Bear

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Malayan Sun Bear

Causes of Endangerment:DeforestationAsian Medicine

Ways People Can Help:Help Maintain ForestsDon't buy Asian MedicineBy: Amanda

A funny face

The sun bear is one of the smallest bears. They have short, sleek black fur with an orange-yellow horseshoe shape of color on their chest. In some folktales it is said that this shape represents the rising sun.

Scientific Name: HelarctosSize: 1.2 metersWeight: 64 kilogramsHabitat: ForestsWorld Location: China, Burma, Malaysia, Sumatra, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, & Borneo

Malayan Sun Bear

A sun bear's diet consists of lizards, little birds, rodents, insects, termites, fruit and honey.

Facts:A cub weighs about 11oz.They live up to 25 yearslso know as the Honeybee BearIt's is about half a man's sizeMom's will cradle their babies in arms

Standing on his hind legs

Been Endangered since 2008


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