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Social Studies

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Fast Facts - Lake Nyasa contains more fish species than any other lake -About the size of Pennsylvania-Government: People's Party-GDP: $900 (2013)

Lake Nyasa

Malawi's annual music festival, Lake of Stars. Attracts people globally. Held in October. Features local Malawin music and global music groups.

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Malawi recently received a new president as of May 26, 2014. “The president has [...] said he is not going to be vengeful, no retribution,” said Nicholas Dausi, a spokesman for the Democratic People’s Party (DPP). “We want all Malawi people regardless of diversity of opinions regardless of political parties we must come together as a people, as a nation to develop the country.” (Voice of America News 2014)

Malawi's Flag

Modern day problems:-Deforestation-Highest percentage of HIV/Aids globally. 920,000 people reported in 2009-49.8% of women are literate.-About 50% of population live below poverty line

Elephants by Shire River, Malawi

Peter Mutharika, Malawi's new president waving to his supporters



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